By Adam Callison 14 Nov, 2017

Now that the Midwest temps are starting to set into the fall weather, here are a few fall tips you need to know when thinking about waiting postponing your sod installation until Spring.

When is the best time to install sod?
During cool seasons! You can lay sod anything during the growing season, although spring and early autumn are the best because cool temperatures combined with occasional rain help sod quickly root with warm soil and cool nights.

Does sod require a lot of maintenance in the fall?
If you lay sod in the summer, you must immediately water it following installation as well as watering it at least once a day for several weeks. When you lay sod in fall you can get away with watering a few times a week. The cool temps help hold the moisture, unlike the heat and direct sun in the summer.

We hope you enjoyed our tips! Visit back for more tip and tricks for your landscaping!

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