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By Adam Callison 09 Sep, 2016
Although it may not seem like a big deal, inadequate yard drainage can lead to much bigger problems.  Water saturated lawns are not only a nuisance to your grass but also can be a problem for your home as well.  When your home builder finishes your house, they grade the yard to redirect water away from the home.  This is because standing water and poor drainage can leak into your basement.  When water gets in the walls of your foundation, mold and mildew are likely to occur.  Unfortunately, in most cases your lawn will shift and sink over time.  This is the main cause of improper drainage to occur.  The good news is that Done Right Landscapes has many options to solve your drainage problem.

  1. French drains are plastic tubing or pipes that place under the ground so the water can flow freely away   from your home or troubled area.
  2. Grading is a good solution for uneven yards.  Grading consists of adding more soil to areas, while excavating or removing earth to even out the landscape of yard.
  3. Gutter extensions are simple extensions on your gutter.  This allows the water to be  disbursed  in a better area away from your home and landscaping.
Sometimes other methods can be used such as building swales, or installing catch basins.  

If water doesn't flow after a large downpour it doesn't necessarily main that you have a drainage problem.  Heavy rains that produce flash flooding type of down pour is going to have puddling water in all areas.  If it stays soggy for days after a rain, then you probably have some sort of drainage concern you should address.  Contact Done Right Landscapes if you would like a free, no-obligation consultation with our drainage experts.  After reading this article, Done Right Landscapes hopes you understand the issue and the importance of fixing the issue earlier rather than later.  

Other problems that could arise besides a waterproofing issue with your basement can include:
  • Mulch run off
  • Lawn diseases flourish in wet conditions
  • Attracting Mosquito's and other water attracted pests
  • Trees, plants, or shrubs dying due to over watering

By Adam Callison 05 Sep, 2016
We want to thank all flash flyer readers for voting Done Right Landscapes as the number 1 landscaping company in St. Charles and St. Peters! We are honored to receive this award.  Our mission at Done Right Landscapes is to provide superior customer service for each and every customer.  This is a testament to our hard work over the past year!  Thanks again St. Charles county for honoring Done Right Landscapes with this prestigious award.  We look forward to continuing to provide superior customer satisfaction for many years to come!

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Thanks once again and we definitely appreciate our current and future customers.
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